Zebrina – an impressive succulent

Zebrina – an impressive succulent
Zebrina – an impressive succulent

Zebrina is an incredibly attractive plant. It is a succulent with very interesting petals. They are colored in specific patterns resembling the coloring of a zebra. Hence the name of the zebra.

Her homeland is Mexico. Zebra is a creeping plant suitable for growing in dry and hot areas. Under the right conditions, it can become the most beautiful natural carpet in your garden. It is also suitable for growing in.

Location and Light

As a plant originating from dry and hot areas, the zebra needs a lot of light. It is important that the place you choose for her is well lit. You don't have to put it in direct light at all. The zebra also likes partial shade.


It is of great importance that the soil of the zebra is constantly moist. Water it every day with moderate amounts of stagnant water.


Given the greater amount of moisture that zebra requires, the soil must have good drainage. It should contain some sand in its composition or at the bottom of the pot there should be a row of pebbles to drain the soil. Common garden mixes are fine.



Zebrina prefers warmth. In winter, it should not be left outside in any case, because it does not tolerate temperatures lower than 12 degrees. If the plant freezes, it will die. In summer, it tolerates heat without a problem. Can be further atomized to achieve higher humidity.


Since the zebra likes well-nourished soil, it is recommended to fertilize it every month with mineral fertilizers for succulents.


Zebrina is very easy to transplant. You only need to cut a branch or a leaf, which you can root directly in moist and well-nourished soil. Flowering is observed quite rarely and even under excellent conditions. If your zebra does bloom, wait for it to rebloom before repotting.

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