Beautiful flowers that love shade

Beautiful flowers that love shade
Beautiful flowers that love shade

As spring approaches, the desire to decorate the home, garden and terrace with fresh and aromatic flowers begins to awaken in everyone. Each flower has its own beauty and character as well as preferences for the environment in which it thrives. We share some beautiful flowers that prefer shady places. They are suitable not only for your garden, but also for the terrace or home decoration.


The small beautiful blue flower thrives in dry shade and withstands drier and harsher conditions.


Violets and pansies come from the same genus of flowering plants, which includes more than 100 species. The heart-shaped beautiful petals in bright and varied colors will delight you in the cooler seasons.However, they are often part of the decoration of parks and gardens that are intensively exposed to sunlight during the summer months.


in bright colors will bring elegance to your garden or terrace. With its gracefully curved flowers, the earring is suitable for hanging pots or baskets. The different shades in which it blooms like red, pink, purple will bring a lot of mood to your home.


One of the most common flowers in gardens. It can thrive in intense sunlight, but definitely if you have shady places in the garden, or your terrace is not south-facing, the primrose in all its bright colors is your flower.


Lobelia grows richly and with many colors especially in spring and autumn. The plant is an annual, reaches about 10 cm in height and likes moderate shade as well as a cooler climate.

Breast Begonias

These flowers are popular for their variety of colors – red, orange, yellow, white and pink. They bloom in summer, but the best place to bloom is in the shadier areas of the terrace or garden.

Lily's Tear

These small white flowers grow well in deep shade, releasing a captivating fragrance in late spring and early summer. Be sure to add them to your garden.


A plant with fantastic colors. There are various types of nettle, some of which are striped leaves, spotted, purple-pink, red, green, and others.

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