Scented flowers that attract butterflies

Scented flowers that attract butterflies
Scented flowers that attract butterflies

Butterflies can be a beautiful addition to your smaller or larger garden. For them to stop by, it's not enough to just have flowers, you need to grow some of the butterflies' favorite flowers.

Beautiful insects need flowers from which they can feed on sugary nectar. It is good to plant the special selection of flowers in a sunny place in the garden that is not too windy.

Of course these flowers can also be planted on your balcony as long as it is well lit by the sun. Which flowers to add to your garden? For spring, add the forget-me-nots, lilacs, primroses, ivy.

High in nectar are the following aromatic plants.


They also call it butterfly bush. It is easy to grow and grows in almost any soil. Different species also have different colors, among which are pink, red, purple and white. It usually blooms in July and August. If you plant them now, you should know that it is good to prune them in the spring.



The small beautiful flowers in a variety of colors reach a length of up to 1 meter. They are not capricious to grow, but their soil must be well drained.


mosquitoes, but attracts butterflies. Likes sunny places and well-drained soil. You can plant it in April or May so that its purple flowers bloom sooner.


Perennial Shiboy

The plant is a profusion of sweet, fragrant purple flowers. It begins to bloom from April until the end of summer. Likes sun or dappled shade, as well as well-drained soil.


With huge rich and bright flowers, this plant attracts even more beautiful butterflies with its charm. These elegant shrubs are easily cultivated to almost any type of soil both in the garden and in a pot. Most hydrangeas like moist soil. They prefer morning sun and afternoon shade.



and usually begins to bloom in the spring. Its colors will delight you all summer, until the beginning of autumn.

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