Dracena – exquisite tropical beauty

Dracena – exquisite tropical beauty
Dracena – exquisite tropical beauty

The dracaena is a remarkable exotic type of plant. There are many different types of dracaena. All of them are spectacular and have an extremely attractive color, although they do not bloom.

Many people liken them to a palm tree because of the characteristic branching stem. In addition, the dracaena is extremely hardy, like the palm. It does not require special care and is easy to grow. Also called dragon tree.



In essence, it is a tropical plant that tolerates a minimum temperature of 18 degrees without any problem, making it ideal for home cultivation throughout the year. In the summer months, it is good that the temperature does not exceed 27 degrees.



Specimens with variegated leaves need more light in order not to lose their color. However, it is good that the light is not quite direct. Place the dracaena behind a blind or curtain to prevent the leaves from drying out.

In winter, you can also keep the dracaena on the windowsill, since the light is not so intense at this time of the year.



During active growth, dracaena needs more watering. Keep the soil moist but not waterlogged to prevent the root system from rotting. In winter, watering is reduced to once a week. In the summer - no more than 2 times a week.

Dracena likes high humidity, so it is also good to spray the leaves with a sprayer.


The dracaena is fertilized 4 times a year. If it has just been bought and transplanted, there is no need to feed it, but in 3-4 months it is good to add fresh fertilizers to the soil.

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