Cleverly watering flowers with ice cubes

Cleverly watering flowers with ice cubes
Cleverly watering flowers with ice cubes

Watering plants is a delicate job. Some plants do not tolerate waterlogging of the soil. Therefore, great care must be taken if you want to keep your favorite plant alive.

Apart from everything else, with abundant watering together with the water in the soil enter a lot of bacteria and microorganisms. The moisture in the soil and the water that has drained into the saucer of the pot create conditions for the reproduction of these bacteria.

That's why you should try it, which releases the water little by little into the soil, giving the plant's root system the opportunity to slowly and qualitatively take in the incoming fluids.

One such method is watering using ice cubes.

Don't worry, ice cubes won't kill your flowers. On the contrary, according to many amateur gardeners on social networks, ice cubes saved their orchids from dying. And we know that these flowers are quite capricious and difficult to grow.


What should you do?

Just put some ice cubes in the pot. The temperature in the room will melt them slowly and give time to the soil and the roots to absorb the water properly without it being excessively retained in the pot.

Your plants will be very grateful for this pampering. Do this way of watering 2 times a week in addition to the regular waterings that the plants need according to their characteristics. With some non-moisture-loving plants, you can only water in this way.

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