How to easily clean burnt dishes

How to easily clean burnt dishes
How to easily clean burnt dishes

Even if you are not one of the most ardent foodies, probably at least once the cookware in which you cook has burnt you beyond recognition.

It's happened to everyone. The hard part comes next when you have to clean them up.

Instead of scrubbing for hours to no avail, try some clever tricks to clean burnt pots, pans, trays.

1. Fill the pot with hot water. Pour dishwashing detergent or liquid soap into it. Place the pan on the stove. Start stirring with the spatula until you feel the tan begin to separate from the bottom and sides.

2. Keep stirring for at least 15 minutes to make sure the tan comes off easily.

3. When you are sure that the surface of the dish is already free from the coarse tan, clean with a wire brush, preferably with a handle, so as not to injure your hands. The use of wire is allowed only on vessels whose coating cannot be damaged by this method, for example steel, cast iron. Teflon and ceramic cookware would not pass the wire brush test.

4. If the vessel is stainless steel or cast iron, you can also use a mixture of baking soda and water. The ratio should be in favor of soda. The consistency should resemble a paste. Rub the paste boldly into the burnt surfaces. Its abrasive structure will help to separate burnt food from the dish.

3 ways to prevent tanning:

1. Reduce the cooking temperature. The hotter the stove, the faster and easier the food burns on it.

2. When using cookware without a special non-stick coating, make sure that the temperature of the cookware does not exceed 230 degrees.

3. Use stainless steel or cast iron if your recipe calls for high heat cooking.

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