Substitutes for cottage cheese to use in various recipes

Substitutes for cottage cheese to use in various recipes
Substitutes for cottage cheese to use in various recipes

is a wonderful flexible product. It is poorer in calories and fat than other final dairy products, which makes it preferred for a number of he althy and diet recipes. It is incredibly suitable for both savory and sweet recipes. If you use it for sweets and add sugar, vanilla, citrus peels, for example, it will give an amazing creamy texture to your desserts. It is also great with jam, fruit and as a flavoring agent for pancakes, waffles.

If you mix it with spices, herbs, garlic, cottage cheese becomes a wonderful part of recipes for s alty sauces, pasta, filling for lasagna and many others.

Curd is a wonderful all-purpose product that you can snack on without remorse. However, when you don't have it at home, but you want to prepare a recipe that includes cottage cheese, see what you can replace it with.


Ricotta is the Italian variety of cottage cheese, only slightly sweeter. It is even more creamy and easy to spread. It is suitable for all cakes and pastries containing cottage cheese. Gives a soft, smooth and fluffy look to cakes, creams, fillings. It can also be successfully included in savory recipes.

Squeezed yogurt

If you don't have cottage cheese, you can replace it with strained yogurt. It has a wonderful creamy taste and soft texture. It is silky smooth and will not spoil the final result of baked goods, cakes, desserts, creams and fillings.


It is difficult to fulfill a recipe without dairy products, if in their original form they are present there.However, you can try some substitutes that come a little closer to the original. So you can use egg whites instead of cottage cheese. They contain protein and little fat, are fluffy and contribute to the creamy texture of the batter or cream after being whipped.


Mascarpone is a creamy soft Italian cheese that has a fantastic texture. It is suitable for replacing cottage cheese in a number of recipes. Its sweet-s alty and slightly sour taste give a great touch to baked goods, creams, fillings, butter dough, sweets, pasta products.


Tofu is a popular substitute for meat and dairy products. It can also be used instead of cottage cheese. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The only thing to consider is the consistency of tofu, which in some varieties can be firmer than cottage cheese. In such cases, it can be diluted with a little water, animal or nut milk as desired.

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