Fast internet and rich TV content at a good price with the new A1 promotion

Fast internet and rich TV content at a good price with the new A1 promotion
Fast internet and rich TV content at a good price with the new A1 promotion

In the middle of the 20th century, television changed our entire world, and at the end of the last millennium, the Internet made a new revolution in all aspects of our lives. Technologies do not stop their development and today in front of the screen of the smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer or TV we are informed and entertained like never before. The Internet did not "kill" television, but upgraded it, made it interactive, with even richer content and quality, which in the past we could not even dream of. It is no coincidence that the combination of the two technologies is preferred by users today.

A1 Bulgaria understands this and does what is necessary to make the most modern services convenient and accessible to users.A few days ago, the telecom company announced a promotional price for the TV 200 + Net 100 package for the first 6 months of BGN 15.50 per month, upon conclusion of a 2-year subscription. Current and future customers of the company can take advantage of the promotional conditions, and the term of the offer from A1 is until September 24.

After the promotional period, the price of the package is BGN 30.98 per month.

The package includes over 200 TV channels. The Internet included in the package has a maximum achievable speed of 100 megabits.

Xplore TV - What can users benefit from?

Choosing the new package, users will be able to take advantage of the full benefits of interactive TV on A1 – pause, scroll, archive. With Xplore TV, A1 customers will be able to enjoy a picture with a crystal image and quality sub titles. Customers will find among them more than 55 programs in HD quality – because nature views, hit movies and delicious meals deserve high picture quality.

For fans of film art, television offers a rich catalog of over 20,000 films and series through A1 Video Library. It is constantly updated with hit titles that come to consumers' homes very soon after they hit the theaters. This type of content is video on demand (VoD), and movies can be rented for an affordable fee and watched an unlimited number of times within 48 hours. In this way, users can access hit productions from any genre in the comfort of their home at any time.

Xplore TV has a simple and convenient interface, and the best thing is that with the help of the AI ​​platform it "learns" and offers different titles from the catalog that are suitable for the taste of the particular user.

Fast internet from A1 for the whole family

Even in the name itself, A1 indicates the fast speed of the Internet, which includes in the package 200 TV + Net 100. The maximum achievable download speed is 100 megabits, and the speed is sufficient for the whole family, even if there are several connected devices simultaneously.

The fast connection from A1 allows users to use the technology both for entertainment and if they work from home and need a quality connection to the network, for example, for conference calls, connecting to an internal company server or transferring large work files.

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