Mamillaria – cute round cactus

Mamillaria – cute round cactus
Mamillaria – cute round cactus

Mamillaria is a kind of beautiful cactus with a very charming oval shape. This round cactus is very suitable for growing at home or in the office, because the care for it is not particularly great.

Mammillaria is found mainly in South America, the southern regions of North America, as well as in its middle territories, where there are desert areas. The flowering of the mammillaria is mainly represented by small flowers colored in deep pink.

Location and Light


Like most cacti, the mammillaria loves saturated light. It is placed in a direct sunlight place in the home.


It is important to maintain high temperatures, even in winter. In the cold months, it is not recommended that the degrees fall below 10. In the summer, the mammillaria can withstand heat up to 35 degrees.



are not watered often. Mamillaria, however, is an exception during the warm months. Water it more abundantly in the summer, but with caution. Never allow water to accumulate in the saucer. In winter, watering is limited to 3-4 times a month.



Mamilaria is not pretentious to soil mixtures. Ordinary garden mix enriched with a little sand is perfectly suitable. The soil must be well drained, so a row of pebbles can be arranged at the bottom of the pot. In the active period of growth, and during flowering, the mammillaria is fed with mineral fertilizers for cacti.


Mammalaria propagation is not very easy and is not always obtained at home. It is propagated by seeds. They are sown in shallow containers. It is important to provide conditions like in a greenhouse, the humidity of the air is high, and the temperature of the room is not lower than 28 degrees.

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