Why are those born in September so special?

Why are those born in September so special?
Why are those born in September so special?

The month we were born in always reflects our personality. Today we look at the characteristics of those of you born in September. Interesting, sometimes unpredictable, but also:

Dedicated to the job

Those born in September are extremely devoted to their work. For them, there are no working hours, 24 hours, 7 days a week, they make maximum efforts to get good results, but also of course to climb to the next step in the service hierarchy.

Good speakers are

If you happen to have a good speaker, presenter, there is a high probability that this person was born in September. Their words always impress those around them and achieve the desired result.

Sometimes they are sarcastic

Most people born in September manage to achieve enviable successes,but often abuse their influence and power. If you have to work with them, you will often feel their sarcastic attitude. However, even in sarcasm they manage to inject humor.



If you love creative disorder, you should know that if you have to live or work with a person born in September, you will encounter their obsession with perfectionism. Nothing should be left unfinished.

Even if they criticize you for your untidyness, after a while you will realize that they were right. Their rigor can be instructive to others and an example of how good iprojects should happen, for example.

Born Artists

Hilary Dove, Will Smith, Beyoncé,are popular personalities, artists born in September.Talent is in the blood of these people. Art is their great love. But even if you have relatives and acquaintances born in this month and their profession is not related to art, they have a special relation to dance, music, theater, opera.

Maintain good shape

For those born in September, it is important to look good, but also to feel that way. They pay a lot of attention to appearance, sports and a he althy lifestyle. Sometimes they get too extreme in their obsession with being perfect in this area as well.

They have a detective mind

If you were born in September, it is rare that anyone can mislead you. Always a bit suspicious, having good analytical and logical skills that help you in very complex situations.

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