10 ways to create positive behavior patterns in children

10 ways to create positive behavior patterns in children
10 ways to create positive behavior patterns in children

Children are largely a reflection of their parents. Therefore, we must be careful what the patterns of behavior and upbringing are, because they copy us. Whether we lie, steal, are mean to others or are caring… We inculcate all this in them.

How can you create positive role models?

1. Show that you are a good listener. Children, especially young ones, want their parents' constant attention because they have a lot of questions or want to share something. If you don't pay attention to them and show that you are a good listener, they understand your reaction as an acceptable form of communication.

2. Be understanding and express affection, with words, actions.

3. Encourage them and don't belittle their problems. Spend enough time with the children to hear what they are worried about, even if at first it seems to you that what they have to tell you is not that significant.

4. Show them that you are an optimistic person, even when it is not easy for you. This is another good model of behavior that you can instill in your children. Children pick up on our every emotion, but it's up to us to set the positive tone in the family, even in difficult situations.

5. Be careful with your tone. Screams, insults, nervousness…

6. Try to lead a he althy lifestyle. Children learn to take care of themselves through sports and he althy eating in the family environment. If they grow up surrounded by their parents' bad habits and are constantly indulged with treats, as adults they are likely to continue living this way, inheriting their parents' bad habits.

7. Be a positive role model by setting goals to follow. This is how children learn that one must work hard to achieve one's dreams and that any goal is attainable.

8. Do not succumb to the pressure of adults. Children watch us constantly and will always notice if someone has hurt you, manipulated you.

9. Smile often. Never miss an opportunity to laugh with your children, have fun together. This pattern of behavior actually shapes their future relationships with their children.

10. Be kind to people, even strangers, animals. This could be related to donating clothes, food, when there is a crisis situation and you could help. To feed a stray animal. Never allow yourself to misbehave with a person or an animal in front of them or say that you hate these or those animals (for example, some people do not like cats and say they hate them).

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