"I'm bored" - 10 ideas for what to do with children in such a case

"I'm bored" - 10 ideas for what to do with children in such a case
"I'm bored" - 10 ideas for what to do with children in such a case

The line that can drive any parent crazy is "I'm bored". And it was said not once, not twice, but dozens of times within a few minutes. How not to go crazy? And usually our response to this annoying whine is: “So how are you bored? Look at how many toys you have! Play with them”. You said it, didn't you? And the effect is, let me guess, zero? Again whining and grumbling that they can't come up with a game and they're bored-oh-oh-oh. Since we've been part of this experience so many times that we could write a PhD on déjà vu, let us share with you our discoveries in the field of activities for children that can give you an hour or two of free time without you hear whining and grumbling.

1. Boredom Jar

Have the children write (if they can't write, you do) a list of things they like to do and find interesting. Write all these games and activities on several pieces of paper, maybe decorate them with colorful drawings, and put them in a jar. And every time the children are bored, let them take out a piece of paper and do whatever they want.

2. To wash the car

The weather is getting warmer and welcoming and this idea is great to make. When your kids start whining about how bored they are, make them wash the car. They will both have fun and do something useful for the whole family. This idea is not only fun but very enjoyable for children because they love activities that make them feel grown up.

3. To make a fortress

Among the children's favorite games is making forts out of blankets, sheets, pillows and transforming the nursery into an ancient castle.The idea is great for cold or rainy weather when the children are confined at home and do not have the opportunity to play outside. Nothing is needed except the available blankets and bedding, the toys, and a flashlight to illuminate the fort under the sheets.

4. Home Disco

Make a list of the kids' favorite songs and when the moment comes with the phrase "I'm bored", just make them a home disco. It's even more fun if you have a disco ball or a lamp to make the show even more fun and authentic. With music and dance, boredom is impossible!

5. Yoga and fitness exercises


If your child goes to kindergarten, he probably attends one of the extra activities at the school such as yoga or dance. At times when he complains that he is bored, suggest that he do the yoga poses that he is familiar with in the garden.If he doesn't attend and doesn't know, you can play him a yoga video. Here you can see some videos:

Older kids might frown on the idea of ​​yoga, so you can suggest that they train and try different exercises from a fitness app.

6. Make up their own play and play it for you

Most children love to perform in front of adults, take on different roles and tell their own stories. Encourage them to come up with a new play with several characters, plot, lines, and when they are ready, present it to you. But they must do a few rehearsals first so that they are well prepared and a little more time has passed in which you can finish the housework.

7. To create a poster "When I grow up"

Every child has a dream of what they will do when they grow up. Of course, most kids quickly change their desires and in a month or two have a new dream.At times when they are blowing your head with the grumbling "I'm bored", just offer them to draw a poster of their future profession. How they imagine it, it can be some situation, costume or whatever they can think of related to this profession. At first they may whine that they are too lazy to draw, but if you insist and they start this project, they will hardly have enough for one poster sheet, and will most likely make at least several. Boredom bye bye!

8. Time Capsule

You must have seen a movie or some series where the students in the local school have a project "Time Capsule". For those who still don't remember, let me clarify - this is a recording in which children share their predictions and expectations of how the world will change in 50 or 100 years.

Such videos or written polls are extremely fun when you watch or read them after a while.

If your children are young, you can record them on video and agree on a date to watch it.It would be more fun if more time had passed, for example half a year or a year. And older children can answer the survey in writing and after some time you can read it together and have fun.

Here are some ideas of possible questions to ask the children:

  • What do I like to do the most?
  • What am I best at?
  • Do I like to eat?
  • My best friend is?
  • I love learning new things about…?
  • What is my favorite color?
  • What is my favorite animal?
  • When I grow up, I want to be?
  • The coolest thing that happened to me this year is?
  • What do I want to happen to me next year?

9. Do a food challenge

Write on a few pieces of paper different foods, spices or sauces that you have available at home and let each child/parent draw 2 pieces of paper and try a combination of the foods they like. Very often seemingly impossible combinations happen, but this is also the most fun in this game. This is one of the children's favorite challenges and they will certainly not be bored.

10. Let them cook

Children love to cook, but we, the parents, are busy with our daily lives and rarely give them this opportunity. Once in a while, though, when boredom gets the better of you, let them cook something (or at least try). They will have fun, and the result may be delicious.

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