The most delicious recipes with banana

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The most delicious recipes with banana
The most delicious recipes with banana


Bananas are a favorite fruit of many. They are nutritious and delicious. The substances in them are very important for the body.

Bananas reduce cholesterol. They do not contain any fats. Bananas are also rich in potassium, which is essential for nerve and muscle he alth.


The southern fruit is rich in vitamins C and B6. This makes the immune system stronger. Improves the absorption of other nutrients and желязо, which is very important.

The banana also contains manganese, fiber, magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus - all important nutritional elements for the body. Bananas are a good supplier of vitamins A and E as well as folic acid, carotene and choline.


We have listed some of the most important he alth benefits of eating bananas. Now we will also list the most delicious recipes with the favorite fruit.

  • Bananas with Caramel Butter Sauce
  • He althy Whole Wheat Banana Biscuits
  • Smoothies with banana and coffee
  • Chocolate Breaded Bananas
  • Banana butter cookies
  • Chocolate bananas on a stick
  • Cupcake with bananas, walnuts and raisins
  • Very Easy Banana Shake
  • Banana Split
  • Banana Bread with Walnuts and Cinnamon
  • Oatmeal Banana Bread
  • Banana Cake
  • Tropical Banana Cocktail
  • Banana mousse with thin crust
  • Fruit mousse with bananas

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