What do I want my daughter to know about her body?

What do I want my daughter to know about her body?
What do I want my daughter to know about her body?

Having a daughter is a true joy and blessing. But it is also infinitely responsible for how she will be raised, what she will believe, and how this will affect her lifestyle.

No mother or father wants his child to live in delusions, in fears and above all with complexes. And a lot of little girls around the world grow up with a lot of worries about their bodies. Therefore, I would like my daughter to know certain things about her body from an early age, so that she can skip at least partially the difficult period that accompanies almost every adolescent young lady.

I want him to know all parts of his body well

That's why I talk to her and constantly explain to her how beautiful the human body is, and hers in particular. I assure her that there is nothing wrong with admiring and pleasing him. On the contrary, he must know it well in order to love it and develop it.

To love food

I want my daughter to know how important and valuable part of our life delicious food is. I don't want him to see her as a burden, as an evil temptation that only makes him fatter and uglier. I want him to know that food is he alth and energy for our body, as long as it is prepared with love and quality products.

To do sports

I want my daughter to know how important movement is to her body. How regular sports will shape and model her body in a natural way, give her strength and energy to be active and not miss the pleasures that life offers.

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To choose he alth over skinny

I will do everything in my power to keep my daughter he althy, to avoid facing eating disorders and the obsession with being skinny. Because being he althy is the most valuable thing in life. And there is nothing more beautiful than a he althy body and a he althy mind.

To have the right to choose

I want my daughter to know that the body is her property and only she can decide what to do with it, how to protect and develop it. No one has the right to pressure her and convince her what is right for her if she does not feel it herself.

To be prepared for menstruation

Many mothers are worried about explaining to their daughters the approaching moment of their first period. I find these concerns unfounded. This is the essence of the female anatomy and it should not be hidden or veiled. It is important that girls are informed and prepared for this period of their lives to avoid stress and complexes.

To experience pleasure

The subject of sex and masturbation is taboo in many families. Parents are afraid to discuss these important aspects of a person's life, and when they decide to do so, it turns out to be too late. The teenager has received information, where it is true and accurate, where it is not.I don't want this to happen to my daughter. I will share with her what part of life is getting to know the body and achieving pleasure. This will protect her from wrong information and unnecessary complexes. Hopefully.

Accept Change

I want my daughter to know that the body is constantly evolving and changing its shape. The skin is not so tight and smooth after a while, the breasts will not always be tight, cellulite is not the end of the world either. But she must be prepared for these changes, be able to meet them with a smile and without unnecessary vanity. Because they are a sign that we are still here, that we are still there. And that should be enough for us.

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