How to boost your daughter's self-esteem

How to boost your daughter's self-esteem
How to boost your daughter's self-esteem

Raising and educating a girl is a difficult task. Especially during puberty, when their self-esteem plummets due to many different reasons (acne, painful periods, small/large breasts, unrequited love, etc.). However, is there a way to succeed in raising a girl with high self-esteem without going to extremes of character, of course. Just a kid who knows well what qualities he has and how he uses them to his advantage. That's no small feat in a world like ours where self-confidence is a must to survive.

To raise your child to love herself as she is, especially when she is a girl, the best and most effective way is your personal example. By showing love to yourself and your loved ones, your kids can't help but notice and want to be like you.

Talk to your daughter, constantly emphasize her positive qualities, even visually. In no case do not turn it into unnecessary praise for everything, because children are very sensitive and will immediately feel the fake.

Try to exude positivity and ignore commonly accepted norms that do not fit into your value system, such as dress and weight.

If you keep telling your daughter she's fat and needs to go on a diet immediately, you're not raising a child with self-esteem. On the contrary, you will accuse her of not being pretty enough. And in puberty, it can be fatal and leave incurable scars on her psyche for many years after this confusing period has passed.

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