Signs that your teen is suffering from depression

Signs that your teen is suffering from depression
Signs that your teen is suffering from depression

Puberty is a difficult and challenging period in the lives of both children and their parents. Even though we most often perceive teenagers as "rebels" who usually only cause us worries and anxieties, if we try to look at them from a slightly different angle, we will find that they in fact, they are under a lot of pressure - lots of lessons and homework at school; a bunch of social norms and rules they have to follow; the responsibility to live up to parental expectations… Dealing with all this requires a lot of strength - both physical and emotional, but not every young person is prepared for such a test, and as a logical consequence of the efforts, depression is often reached.Can we recognize the symptoms of depressive states and help our child in time?

They are often angry

Puberty is the time when our children try to learn to deal with the vast variety of human emotions. When they are depressed, they lose their temper easily - they express their anger by shouting, slamming doors, arguing with their younger brothers and sisters for no reason.

They feel worthless and worthless

If your child begins to often describe his life as worthless, talks about topics such as "the nothingness of his existence" and "his miserable personality", be sure that he is on the way to a depressive state and needs the timely you help and advice.

They are often sad for no reason

If your child starts showing pessimism, pessimism for no specific reason, looks depressed and melancholic, you must definitely find time and in a calm conversation with him to find out the reasons that led him to this state. Your experience will inevitably benefit him.

Their sleep and appetite have changed dramatically

If your teen's sleep and appetite have visibly worsened recently, be aware that these may be symptoms of depression. Whether he sleeps more or much less than usual, whether he stuffs himself with food or simply stopped eating - your child needs you and even a specialist.


They have no interest in their work or hobby

Do you ever come home from work to find your teenager slumped on the couch staring at one point or hanging around the house with no interest in anything at all, not even their favorite hobby? All of these are usually a sure indicator that something is disturbing your child's psyche.

Feel tired all the time

If he gets tired quickly and easily, and there is no trace of his inherent activity and vitality, this is a warning bell that your child is depressed and needs help.

They prefer to be alone

It is normal for a teenager to jealously guard his/her personal space and fight for his/her independence, but if he/she begins to stubbornly avoid his/her loved ones, relatives and even friends, look for the right and non-intrusive way to help him/her overcome the problems you are It is a good idea to talk to the school psychologist in a timely manner and seek specialized and timely medical help.

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