4 ways to forgive yourself

4 ways to forgive yourself
4 ways to forgive yourself

There is no person who has not made mistakes and blamed himself for them. The way you behaved with friends, with colleagues, with your parents or with your child haunts you and does not leave your mind at peace. Your conscience bothers you. You feel guilty. You yelled at someone and then regretted it. Or maybe you're mad at yourself for not taking the opportunity when you had it, like a new job, a trip, or an important step forward in your life.

There are many reasons for being angry with yourself and not being able to forgive yourself. It constantly takes you back in time and makes you go over every detail over and over in your mind.If the memories of the actions you regret make you feel bad, emphasize your shortcomings and what you did, it means that you have not forgiven yourself. And this is the thing you should do right away.

Living with guilt about something is corrosive. It can change the way you look at yourself and life, and this inevitably affects how others see you. If you hate yourself, you will be hated. If you have low self-esteem, you will be overlooked. If you don't love yourself, no one will love you without seeing the spark in your eyes.

Forgiving yourself is important because if you don't, you risk leaving wrong impressions and actions on others. You also risk blurring your own ideas of who you really are. That's according to Dr. John Deloney, a mental he alth expert quoted by realsimple.com. He thinks there's a common misconception that refusing to forgive yourself proves you're sorry. What refusing to forgive yourself actually does is hold you back.You yourself are holding back your progress, you are punishing yourself, and this increases the feeling that the world and you in it are the worst thing.

This indirectly affects the way you communicate and relate to others from a lower position. It makes life seem less joyful.

To change this negative series of events related to not forgiving your mistakes, see how to change this. Dr. Deloney suggests several ways to learn to forgive yourself.

1. Break the connection between your mistake and your consciousness

If you beat yourself up for doing something wrong or wrong, you won't feel better. You will not help yourself, you will not make things right, and you will not be forgiven if the fault lies with another person. Instead, acknowledge that your guilt served a purpose, but that purpose is not to torment yourself forever. Remember that you are a human being who is not without sin and who can hurt as well as be hurt.If you can accept this, it will be easier for you to learn to forgive.

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