How to build a stronger relationship with your teenager

How to build a stronger relationship with your teenager
How to build a stronger relationship with your teenager

Being a parent is not easy. It is even more difficult to be a parent of a teenager In this difficult period of the child's growth, almost every parenting move is incorrect. There is no exact recipe for establishing a good parent-child relationship that will result in effective parenting. The balance between being an authoritative parent and a child's friend is very important for good intergenerational relationships.

To strengthen your relationship with the teenage child requires trust, a lot of patience and persistence. Improving this relationship largely depends on the parent's effort to demonstrate that he is willing to be open to the teenager's world without being too authoritarian style nor too liberal and liberated.

Even if you think you know your children well, as they grow up they will not stop surprising you with new traits from the constantly forming character that undergoes changes with the accumulation of experience. Remember that the close relationship you have now or have had in the past does not necessarily remain a constant. To a large extent, things are also in your hands.

Learn to listen

In order to establish a stronger and closer relationship with the child in his teenage years, try to go deeper into his world, the social and school characteristics of your child at this age. Try to find a common position on the various issues. Where this is not possible, don't be too strict, but don't stand idly by either. Some parents mistakenly believe that letting their teen deal with their problems alone will help them learn to cope with life. This is also the time when the parent-child bond can break down.


In order for a parent to have a he althy relationship with their growing child who is going through this difficult adolescence, it is of great importance to show respect for their growth. If you can find the balance between nurturing, discipline and support, your relationship will strengthen and you will be able to help your child develop a he althy and resilient personality.

Be supportive

The combination of physical and emotional support is very important at this age. Teenagers go through the difficult period of searching and discovering their own character, building the personality, accepting and rejecting certain patterns of behavior, confirming the value system and the social roles they occupy in society. Because of the difficulty in overcoming these challenges, they need emotional and physical support from their parents.

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