Buddhist parable

Buddhist parable
Buddhist parable

In everyone's daily life there are moments when we act without thinking about our actions. They say that what we do always comes back to us. Do we know how to learn from our mistakes and refrain from doing evil?

The following instructive story from our "Proverbs and Wisdom" column will remind us that our deeds will weigh the most on ourselves.

Buddhist Parable

A sage had twelve disciples. The teacher also had a daughter whom everyone liked. One day he announced that he had two problems - to decide which of all the students would marry his daughter and how to pay for the wedding. That's why he announced a competition.

Each of the students had to sneak into the houses of the village at night and without anyone seeing him to take what he could.Whoever stole the most would marry his beautiful daughter. In the following days, the students sneaked into the village and took what they could. At the end of the week, the sage gathered them together.

– Everyone stole a lot except one of you who brought nothing. Why? – asked the sage.

– I should have followed your instructions, Master. You told us to steal as long as no one saw us. I entered many houses while everyone was asleep. But every time I was about to take something, I felt someone watching me. So I left empty handed. - replied the student.

– When everyone was asleep, who was watching you then? – asked the teacher.

– I watched myself. I could see myself about to steal. That's why I didn't take anything.

– Very good! – exclaimed the teacher. – There is at least one wise student who has listened to me over the years. Everyone else, you fools, take the stolen items and return them.And remember, no matter what immoral act you commit, someone will always see you. That someone is yourself. Because you see it, you will feel bad and suffer.

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