5 Signs Your Family Is Toxic

5 Signs Your Family Is Toxic
5 Signs Your Family Is Toxic

Frequent feeling of anxiety, feeling like you are still a small child and unable to cope with life's next challenge… These are just some of the signs that you grew up in a toxic family.No matter who you were raised by, those relatives were your family at some point in time, maybe even still. A toxic environment transmits to its members all the negatives of the personality of the individual who creates it. If you are part of one, see in the following lines.

Manipulation Availability

One of the sure signs that you are in a toxic family is manipulation. One or more members use this trick to control the others. Usually, the manipulator imputes a sense of guilt, makes you doubt or feel ashamed for decisions that are right, makes you doubt your positive qualities, recalls old incidents, difficult events to break you down.Acts out dramatic scenesin which he shows how much he suffers.

You have difficulty trusting others

When a person is raised in an oppressive environment, by manipulators, all of this can't help but leave a mark on him and his interactions with other people. If there was physical and emotional harassment, neglect, we are much more likely to be suspicious of the people around us, to create difficult lasting friendships and love relationships. We question other people's words and actions. We expect others to not give us love and care, to lie to us, to disappoint us, to not believe in us.

You have a hard time dealing with failure

Another sign that you grew up in a toxic environment is feeling like you're not good enough at anything. Maybe because there were too many demands on you, they were compared to other children, you didn't meet their expectations, they keep comparing you to other people. All this can affect your self-esteem and when you make a small mistake or go through setbacks, it can be difficult for you to deal with the situation.

You are too critical of yourself

Low self-esteem created as a result of toxic parents“brings up” the feeling that the child is not very smart, that he does not deserve the best, that he will not achieve nothing in my life.

At a later stage, as an adult, such a person continues to doubt himself. And when our inner child suffers, it manifests itself in many ways in our behavior.

Holding back your own emotions or being ashamed of them

Toxic family forbids children to express their emotions. They are always accused of being spoiled, of having contributed to the critical and conflict situation that has arisen. The children themselves are afraid to show emotions so as not to make the situation even more critical. At a later stage in their lives, these grown children keep their experiences inside themselves, find it difficult to express them, find it difficult to define who they are and what they want from their lives.

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