Warning signs of depression in teenagers

Warning signs of depression in teenagers
Warning signs of depression in teenagers

Teen age is very fragile. Teenagers are very prone to depressive states because they are still searching for themselves, forming their personality, copying models, which is why they often feel misunderstood by some peers and adults.

This age is very difficult and therefore falling into teenage depression is a big risk.

How does a parent know that their teenage child is suffering from depression?

The child stops being interested in favorite activities

If before this your child was active, loved a certain sport, went out with friends and seemed cheerful, and now has completely lost interest in his favorite activities, then this is a serious sign of depression.


The child withdraws from contact with people

At this age, contacts with friends, peers, classmates and even elders are very important for children. They strive to prove themselves and gain as many friends as possible. However, if the child suddenly withdraws from his contacts, even with his closest friends, he clearly has a problem.

Getting more sensitive

People prone to depression are naturally more sensitive. If you notice that your child has started to get psychologically hurt by the smallest thing, you should get some red light and talk to him.

His eating habits and sleep changes

The most obvious signs of deepening depression are refusal to eat and lack of sleep. The brain begins to fall into a completely different state, which interferes with its real judgment.The organism goes into a phase of extreme exhaustion and negation, which affects a number of processes in the body.

The child begins to lose his appetite. It is possible that there will even be a moment of complete refusal of food. The lack of sleep makes him increasingly irritable, with impaired concentration and memory and with visible signs of extreme exhaustion.


You notice suicidal thoughts

Another hallmark of advanced depression is thoughts of suicide and self-harm. The child sinks more and more into his despair, which prevents him from seeing the meaning of continuing his life.

It is very important that this moment be felt and caught in time before it is too late. Many accidents happen at this age precisely because of untimely intervention on the part of parents and professionals, without, of course, placing direct blame on anyone.

That is why it is very important that the signs and symptoms of depression are well known so that it does not lead to extreme psychological problems in teenage children.

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