Rules for life by Petar Dunov

Rules for life by Petar Dunov
Rules for life by Petar Dunov

In life, everyone needs rules and inspirational thoughts to follow. In our column "Proverbs and wisdom" we share several rules of life from Peter Dunov. And even if we try to follow only half of them, we will let's be he althier, kinder, happier and successful.

The first rule in life: Be content with the least that God gives you.

Keep one rule in mind: Be honest!

One should eat after sunrise and before sunset.

Remember the following rule: Even the smallest work done with love gives a person freedom. You don't have to understand everything that is said. If you don't understand something, it means it's not for you.

Whatever you think, feel and do, always listen to your inner voice.


Once you start a job, don't doubt its success. If you have faith, you will also raise the dead. If you doubt, you will kill the living one.

When you have a guest, for three days he can eat and drink, stay as a guest without working. On the fourth day he should be working.

It is impossible for a person to have given without receiving. This is a rule without exceptions because it applies to all worlds.

Don't put things off for the future.

Do good for good's sake.

Don't aim for ordinary relationships.

Get angry without being angry! Disbelieve, but don't lose faith!

Don't borrow money. - Why? – Because you start to trust others.

Keep the following rules: Don't eat too much. Make your food choices. Eat on time. Everything has its time. Every thought and every feeling comes in its time. Don't think about standing up and feelings have their time.

The he althy rule is: Beware of your own bad thoughts, feelings and actions, as well as those of those around you. One should value both one's time and the time of others.

Do you want to have good relations with people, neither praise them nor blame them.

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