Leonardo DiCaprio Quotes

Leonardo DiCaprio Quotes
Leonardo DiCaprio Quotes

He is one of the most notable Hollywood actors. Leonardo DiCaprio was born in Los Angeles, Italian, German and Russian blood flows in his veins. He had a difficult childhood, but his talent paved the way even before he reached adulthood.

Brilliant in every performance DiCaprio is notable not only for his acting but also known as an environmentalist. We share some inspiring thoughts that will make you think about life and success.

“People want you to be crazy, out of control and annoying. They want you to be miserable, just like them. They don't want heroes. They want to see you on the ground.”

“Everyone has gone through something that has changed them so that they will never again be the person they were before.”

“Be grateful for the hard times because they shape you.”

"Pay attention to the people who don't clap when you win."


“I always take a friend with me when I travel. I need someone to bring me back to myself. It's hard to be alone.”

“I've never been Romeo who meets a girl and falls in love right away. It's a much slower process for me in every single one of my relationships.”

“You and only you can change your situation. Don't blame anything or anyone.”

“If you can do what you do best and be happy, it means you are more successful in life than most people.”

"The wrong relationship will shake you for the rest of your life, the right relationship will brighten it."

“I've always been spontaneous… I've tried a lot of things, so I have good life experience, which is great because it means I have a lot of material to work with as an actor.”

“The good thing about acting is that it always keeps you on your toes… It's not like any other job where you can go and do the same thing as yesterday.”

“My mom is a walking miracle.”

“From my experience in this industry, I have learned that there is absolutely no way to control people's opinion about your performance in the film. You go there, create your film and hope people like your work.

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