Parable for what called, so called

Parable for what called, so called
Parable for what called, so called

When we communicate with people, we want them to be loyal to us, to have clarity in our relationships. Sometimes we apply small or unnecessary tricks that do not lead to anything good. The following instructive story will remind you of something very important about communication.

Parable of what called, so called

Once upon a time there was a man named John, who was from a small town, who produced butter and sold it in the nearby larger one. At the same time, in the big city lived Mark, who was the owner of a grocery store, but also a regular customer of John.

Every week, John would deliver 1 kg of his homemade butter to Mark, and in return he would give him 1 kg of sugar, pulses or other groceries. One day Mark weighed the oil and saw that it was not 1 kg but 900 g. Each package of oil weighed 100 grams less.

The next week, when John brought new oil, Mark got very angry with him and started insulting him, telling him that he was a fraud and that the oil did not weigh a kilogram, but less.

– You are a fraud, you have been deceiving me for a long time with the weight of the butter, so leave my shop!

Then John answered him:

– I am a poor man, Mark. I don't have enough money to buy a new scale that measures pounds accurately. That's why I usually put one kilogram of sugar that you gave me on one side, and on the other side I measure the amount of butter to equal the amount of sugar.

Conclusion: What we give to others will come back to us!

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