A parable about fear and worry

A parable about fear and worry
A parable about fear and worry

Everyone has their worries and fears. Sometimes they are baseless because they are created by our imagination. We fear things that might happen to us. Fear prevents us from focusing on the good, from moving forward, from finding a solution in difficult situations.

Today in our section "Proverbs, Wisdom, Quotes" we share an instructive parable.

Fear and Anxiety

One day death appeared at the gates of a great city.

– What are you going to do here? Why did you come? – a soldier from the city guard asked her.

– Today I have come to take a hundred people – replied Death.

– But this is terrible! – shouted the soldier.

– What to do… that's my job – said Death and entered the city.

The soldier immediately went through the streets and began to warn people of the impending threat. But at the end of the day, it turned out that not a hundred, but a thousand people had died.

In the evening, when she left, the soldier stopped the uninvited guest and asked her darkly:

– You said one thing and something else happened. Why did you pick up so many people?

– I kept my word and took only the hundred people I had come for. The fear and worry you caused took the rest…

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