20 wise thoughts of Petar Dunov about love

20 wise thoughts of Petar Dunov about love
20 wise thoughts of Petar Dunov about love

They call him The Teacher or Beinsa Duno. Petar Danov is the founder of a religious-philosophical teaching that teaches love, justice, a he althy lifestyle, wisdom, justice.

Danov is one of the brightest personalities in Bulgarian history. His wise thoughts are passed down from generation to generation, and whenever we hear or read them, we rediscover the best in ourselves. We share some of his thoughts on love.

  • You can't think about someone if they don't think about you.
  • Love in which there is fear is not true. The only force in the world that knows no fear is love.
  • Who should love: the weak or the strong? The weak cannot love. Only the strong love.
  • For the sake of love, people are ready to make such sacrifices that they would never make without love.
  • When it comes to love, don't say you love someone more and someone less. Love as much as love comes from your heart.
  • If you allow in your mind that the one you love can cause you some trouble, it shows that you don't love him.
  • To know people in the true sense of the word, you have to love them.
  • Love is not required. He who wants love has no love in him.
  • He who has love, no force can oppose. He is a man of new understanding. He lives in peace and light.

When two people love each other, they bring momentum to something great in the entire cosmos.

He who applies the law of love speaks little and does much.

For each person it is decided who will love him. And everyone has to find the one who loves them.

If you are not ready to sacrifice everything in the world for love, you cannot understand life. One must be willing to sacrifice. Not to leave life, but to see the beautiful, the good in all the contradictions.

People should not ask each other, “Do you love me?” What glows does not burn. What he loves, he does not speak.

To love a person, I understand not to allow a single thought against him in your mind and to hold his image as sacred as your image. This is a maxim. He who can, so must love.

Love a person's mind first, then their heart, their soul, their spirit and finally their body. Love the man this way and he will love you back.

To love is the work of the soul. Don't meddle in her affairs.

Don't ask anyone: "Do you love me?". If you ask, you will lose everything. Who loves us how is none of our business. That's other people's business. How we love is our business.

Do not kill the flesh or the person in you. The flesh is an instrument on which the soul plays.

Without passion, love exists but cannot manifest itself. Then people suffer. Love doesn't see mistakes because it fixes them.

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