13 little things for more happiness every day

13 little things for more happiness every day
13 little things for more happiness every day

What is happiness to you? There is no one who does not seek it. But is it a matter of demand? Maybe it's right in front of us and we don't notice it. We live a complicated, dynamic life, striving to have more and more material gains, lying to ourselves that they make us happy. Perhaps we should think about whether happiness is not he alth, freedom, peace, spring with its fragrances, the favorite cup of coffee or tea… Happiness is not complicated, it is not expensive, but we make it impossible to achieve because we strive for things, that we're not even sure we need.

1. The next time you feel nervous, tense, do something very simple. Water the flowers, put your hands under running water, light your palo santo.

2. Learn to filter out the noise in your life. Or to put it more clearly, be careful who you give prominence and stage to in your daily life.

3. Start making smart choices for yourself. If you don't like any part of your life, it's time to start changing it, don't wait.

4. Try to spend more time on your favorite hobbies, they create positive emotions that we can call calm happiness.

5. Start replacing your worries with positive actions and thoughts. If you don't try to do it, negativity will get you. Instead, try to eliminate it with happiness.

6. If you want to move away from something negative, start moving towards the positive.

7. Do not compare yourself with others, but look at yourself as a person who has his own path and goals and who is capable of achieving success and being happy. Never underestimate yourself, but do something small every day that makes you better as a person, builds your skills.

8. Rejoice in other people's successes. This will motivate you, not the other way around, making you underestimate yourself. It's just that success in life is a curve, we have strong periods, then periods where we learn new things so we can rise high again.

9. Give without expecting. It's hard, but it's another small step towards personal happiness. Expectations disappoint.

10. Be kind even to people who don't deserve it. This is the way to maintain inner peace, which is essential to the feeling of happiness.

11. Do something small for someone every day. It may not be related to the material, to giving money.

12. Don't forget to show your loved ones how much they mean to you.

13. Measure your progress every day, no matter how small it seems to you. Every step forward, every upgrade brings motivation, makes you smile and celebrate, even if the celebration is with a nice cup of cappuccino.

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