A parable about the problem

A parable about the problem
A parable about the problem

Problems are a part of everyone's life. Not every problem could be predicted, avoided, so it is important that when we face difficulties, we do not sink into fear. Today in our column "Proverbs, Wisdom, Quotes" we share an instructive parable about problems.

“A famous sage had many disciples and followers. Once he gathered the most prominent of them and said to them:

– Now I will introduce you to a problem. I want you to tell me how it can be resolved.

He placed a simple table in the middle of the room, and on it he placed an exquisite porcelain vase with painted beautiful flowers.

– Here is the problem. Looking forward to your suggestions.

The students were surprised by the task, but gathered around the table and began to examine the porcelain dish. It was truly amazingly beautiful and everyone was captivated by the fine craftsmanship and design on it. "What does it all mean? - they were puzzled. - What is hidden behind this task? After some time, one of the students approached the table, took the vase in his hands and smashed it on the floor with force.

– Wonderful! Only you coped with the task - said the teacher.

– But how so? Explain to us - the other students asked in amazement.

– I told you clearly and precisely that there is a problem before you. And no matter how beautiful and tempting it looks, it must be solved. Problems exist to be solved. They can look in any way: a beautiful and expensive object; a love that has already lost its meaning; a path that leads nowhere and you must now abandon, even though it brings you comfort and security.

There is only one way to solve the problem and that is to face it head on and remove it.And at such times we must not show weakness, regret, succumb to its external appeal, or return to the comforts it brings us.

Remember that problems have a very special quality that affects each person - somehow we like to own them, analyze them, go back to them and comment on them. Very often we tend to compare our own with other people's problems and troubles and on that basis exaggerate their weight and importance instead of looking for a solution. And the solution in most cases is one - to remove it and move on."

From the book "There's Always Hope"

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