Morning mantras for a happy day

Morning mantras for a happy day
Morning mantras for a happy day

Words have incredible power. They can give us confidence, make us smile. Those words that we say to ourselves in difficult moments, at successes, in the morning welcoming the new day. How do you start your day? We take it for granted and rush through life so fast that we forget about our morning mantras.

They are the power of words, the thoughts with which we start our day. They will make us bolder and more determined to do the best for ourselves. Today in our Proverbs, Wisdom, Quotes column we are sharing some morning mantras for a happy day.

I will achieve great things with small steps.

I'm doing the best I can with what I've got.

I am grateful for everything good in my life.

I can let go of what I no longer need.

Every morning I drink the most aromatic coffee/tea.

I expect good things and they come to me every day.

I surround myself with things and people that make me smile.

Today I am more than capable of being amazing, active.


I have more than enough time to do everything I want today.

Today is my latest masterpiece. I am on my own path,chosen by me and not by anyone else.

I decide for myself what success should look like.

I deserve happiness as much as anyone else.

I love myself exactly the way I am now.

I will not judge anyone today.

I am aware of my thoughts.

I choose to focus on the solutions not the problems.

Day by day I learn how to fulfill my goals in this life.

I focus on what I can do, not what I can't.

I notice the little details that make me smile.

I put myself first so I can love others better.

I choose to forgive and let go of anger and resentment to move forward.

I am strong, capable and kind.

Another wonderful day, another chance to do good and be happy.

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