Nutritionist: Stress kills the immune system

Nutritionist: Stress kills the immune system
Nutritionist: Stress kills the immune system

The nutritionist Yana Danailova is a guest in the morning block of Bulgaria ON AIR to comment on how we can protect ourselves at a time when almost the whole country is in a flu epidemic.

According to her, it is very important to control stress.

„ The immune system is our body's natural protective barrier against all pathogens. Prevention is very important to me. Many people take measures after they get sick. It is much more effective to keep our immune system he althy. The body has the entire biological arsenal to deal with any virus. “

She emphasized that sugar feeds the pathogenic microorganisms in our body. By taking it, we weaken the immune system and become susceptible to external viral infections. We should not overdo it with dried fruits, noted the nutritionist.

„ Stress is a powerful killer of our immune system. That is why sports and physical activity are suitable. The positive attitude towards life, to surround ourselves with people with positive vibrations. Dream. Regeneration of the body - extremely important. We go to bed early, get up early. Water. Dehydration of the body puts a strain on the kidney system and the liver. It is important to hydrate the body so that it can detoxify," Yana Danailova explained.

„ The best immunostimulator is nature's first aid kit. I'm not denying anything, but it should be on the recommendation of a specialist," Danailova pointed out and advised viewers not to self-medicate.

She professes the maxim that we can live as he althy as possible and is adamant that it is best to obtain vitamins and minerals from food. In the "Bulgaria morning" studio, Danailova prepared an immune-stimulating smoothie with rice milk.


„ No dairy products are consumed in my home. It is very important to consume enough fiber. Ginger and turmeric are extremely powerful immunostimulants. Pomegranate is an immunostimulant that is extremely rich in vitamin C," explained the he althy eating expert.

“Love each other, that's the most important thing. When you love yourself, you take care of yourself. He alth is priceless and we are responsible for our he alth," concluded Danailova.

See the whole conversation in the video.

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