Petya Kertikova: In Bulgaria it is more possible to have a family than in the USA

Petya Kertikova: In Bulgaria it is more possible to have a family than in the USA
Petya Kertikova: In Bulgaria it is more possible to have a family than in the USA

One of the most charming TV personalities on the air - the news anchor of Bulgaria ON AIR Petya Kertikova, who just recently became a mother and hugged her first child, is photographed for the cover of a special edition that is part of the largest pregnancy forum - "Pregnancy and Children's He alth Forum" on

Shortly after the host celebrated 40 days since the birth of little Ioan, she stood in front of the camera of the photographer Dimitar Kyosemarliev and gave her first interview as a young mother for the Pregnancy Handbook, which is published exclusively for each edition of the forum.

This is what the young mother shared with the editor-in-chief of the he alth portal Rumyana Taseva:

Petya, what attracts you more, television, sports or the baby? How would you characterize each of these attractions for you?

Television is magic. Everyone in this field knows that. I love my job, I take it as a mission. Being the voice of the returning people in Bulgaria makes me happy and satisfied with what I do. I want to be the change in many ways, and our country is in dire need of change; of good to be given prominence.

On the other hand, sports gave me the foundation in life. I am who I am today because of athletics. She taught me to fight, to never give up and to know that it is possible as long as you want to achieve and live your dreams. Of course you're on your own track and it's up to you to cross the finish line first. It's different in television. This is a team game and nothing depends on you alone.

As for my newborn firstborn son, I can only say that it is an indescribable joy and happiness to hold a little man in your arms and know that his heart beat 9 months below yours. Indeed, this is the miracle of life. I am grateful to God for this gift.

In conclusion, I can say that the new life, sports and television together form my happiness and satisfaction in being called Human.

Are there qualities that you discover in yourself with the onset of motherhood, and what other acquired skills, abilities and qualities do you realize are useful to you now?

I have been a mother for a month. Every day I discover something new, I learn from my child and I know that I will still discover the world through his eyes. I am definitely at the beginning of a long journey, there is so much to learn yet to be a good mother. I can't say that I was prepared for what is happening to me now, because I didn't know what it was. It's only today that I understand the words of my mother, who always told me that it is not easy to become a mother/parent. However, the years spent on the track and the skills acquired there certainly help me now. Everyone knows that the regime is of great importance for a newborn. Thanks to sports, I am organized, I manage my time well so that I can be as useful as possible to my child, myself and my fiance.


You are one of the journalists who received their education in a western country. What brought you back to Bulgaria?

I spent nearly 10 years of my life "out" and wandering. I lived at minus 40 degrees Celsius and at plus 40. From Chicago and Dallas I chose to return to Bulgaria for many reasons. One, and perhaps the most important, is that I got tired of chasing something new every day, constantly proving myself, and more importantly, making money that I don't have time to spend or enjoy. Nostalgia weighed heavily and at a certain point, I did not feel calm and happy. The TV station where I worked as a news reporter in Chicago also went out of business, so I decided it was time for a new chapter in the book of my life.

I once went to Dallas, Texas to study and train. I never had plans to stay, but the merry-go-round of life gets you so that you start putting off making some important decisions until fate makes them for you.

One of my heroes in the column told me and still claims it, that no matter how much we play emigrants, Bulgaria is waiting for us and it depends on us what kind of life we ​​will live at home. For me, staying here is more important than going home. I know the cons of our country, I also know that sometimes I will struggle with windmills here, but I really hope that one day, if not us, then our children will live here without having to look for their happiness and fortune elsewhere.

Can we afford a comparison of modern journalism in the USA and in Bulgaria. Do they have any common ground?

We can hardly compare the two countries in this regard, considering where our country ranks in terms of freedom of speech. Journalism, however, is evolving, both here and there. We still have a lot to learn from the Americans, as long as we keep an open mind and take the best. I don't like reality shows, for example, and there seems to be a hunger for them in our country. They are liked for a reason and they are watchable.However, I think we can take a lot more in terms of the content of the morning blocks. It would be nice to have more social, cultural and consumer topics in the morning, rather than emphasizing everything negative.


Where do you think it is better to look after a family - there or in our country? And where do you think parenthood and career are more compatible?

It is definitely more possible to have a family in Bulgaria than in the USA. We are number one in the EU for paid/maternity leave. Overseas, the laws in this regard have not changed for decades. In some states you have 6 weeks of paid vacation, in others you don't even have that. I never imagined I could babysit in America. Yes, their sidewalks are better, there are other pluses, but overall I don't think the country is predisposed to high birth rates. It is no coincidence that women there are increasingly giving birth at the age of 45+.The reason for this is not only in the career and in the fact that at least 100 people are waiting for your place. There are no conditions for mothers, and it is not normal to have to return to the service when you have a newborn child. From this point of view, it is better to be a mother in Bulgaria than a mother in the USA. Moreover, here you have the help of your parents and relatives. This is not the case in the US. People rely on nannies who have been caught on home video abusing children more than once, we have covered similar cases in Chicago. At the end of the day, you ask yourself where you want to be a parent. That's how you constantly tip the scales, which in my case tilted towards Bulgaria.

What gives you a creative charge?

The freedom to do what I love. I see how, albeit slowly, things are changing for the better, thanks to the power of the positive stories I tell.

What are the conditions that can keep your love long?

Calm and understanding.

What would you most like to pass on to your child?

To be a good and honest person.

Do you think that the he alth care that women receive during pregnancy and childbirth is up to par in our country? What would you mark with a positive sign? What more could we ask for?

The care that the patients with he alth insurance receive is not only not up to par, but also extremely insufficient. I don't think it's normal to have the right to only 2 ultrasounds for the whole pregnancy. There are many examples. The state should do more for pregnant women. In my case, I was diagnosed with hereditary thrombophilia. As a result, I was on low molecular weight heparin therapy throughout my pregnancy. A few months ago, at the end of last year, there was a shortage of the injections in question in the pharmacy network. In addition, they are not covered by the NHIF, but are applied at least once a day. The costs are huge if you consider that one package is enough for 6 days and costs BGN 47. Imagine how many injections you will put in your belly until you give birth?!

As for birth, the prices with a choice of team are not low, but at least you have some certainty that you will receive adequate care in a good environment. Many of the state hospitals do not offer conditions normal for a woman giving birth in the century in which we live. That is why most pregnant women choose private hospitals, they also choose where to give birth.

The state has a lot to do in terms of maternal and child he alth, and Bulgarian women do not need fertility promotion. We are giving birth, but conditions must change and soon.

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