Ilka Zafirova in front of "Smart Village": I was a real "zoza"

Ilka Zafirova in front of "Smart Village": I was a real "zoza"
Ilka Zafirova in front of "Smart Village": I was a real "zoza"

On April 8, the energetic and impressive Ilka Zafirova celebrates her 80th anniversary. As a sign of respect and tribute to the great actress, on April 11, at 19:30, Bulgaria ON AIR will broadcast an episode of the series "Smart Village", in which one of the great ladies of Bulgarian cinema and theater is the main character.

A black-eyed girl, heavily made-up, wearing colorful socks, is whisked away from the timeline: "I'm not sure if that's me anymore… But I was a real 'zoza'." That's what they used to call women who dressed more spectacularly. I was extravagant in a time when everyone was dressed the same. Not because I've been a revolutionary since I was a baby, but rather I think it's some kind of personal aspiration, to be different…”.

She is magnetic, challenging, somehow not Bulgarian bright, absolute individuality, inseparable and unthinkable without the group context from the time of her youth - the famous 60s of the last century. She is: Ilka Zafirova…

Ilka's "Things of Life" (the title is borrowed from Claude Sotte's 1969 cult film) are so many and so bright: the twist and the 60s rock; Elvis and the early Beatles; Sofia with the Russian Club and the Hungarian Restaurant. These are also: the bright red stockings of a young girl; the decadent make-up at the time they cut braids and stamp "bare" miniskirts; hippies and tanks in the Czech Republic; the conspiratorial screenings at BIAD; it's Fellini and Sweet Life; Antonioni, Truffaut, Godard and Tarkovsky. These are the heated arguments of whole nights in smoky lodgings, ending in a life and death quarrel - until tomorrow night!; it is decadent Western philology and the Les feuilles mortes of Jacques Prevert and Yves Montand. Pazardzhik Theater, Plovdiv Theater.Love. Faithfulness. Betrayals…

The loyal friends Georgi Penkov – Johnny, Georgi Stoev – Jacky, Itsko Fintsi and Todor Kolev are acting as commentators on the events and the life of the actress. The daughter of the actress, Neda Kristanova, is in the role of the young Ilka Zafirova.

The episode of the documentary series "Smart Village" with the participation of the beloved Bulgarian actress Ilka Zafirova - don't miss it on April 11, at 19:30, on Bulgaria ON AIR.

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