Life coach Vasilena Kyosova does an emotional dissection of the "love triangle"

Life coach Vasilena Kyosova does an emotional dissection of the "love triangle"
Life coach Vasilena Kyosova does an emotional dissection of the "love triangle"

A real furor on the web and among elite circles in our country caused a new novel, which tells the experiences of participants in love triangles. The author is the famous and successful life coach Vasilena Kyosova. Like the American psychologist Dr. Brandy Engler ("The Men on My Couch"), in her book "Favorite" she has collected real stories about love triangles.

“In the novel, I tell the point of view of the different participants and the consequences for each of them. I try, without an ounce of edification, to give answers to some important questions - how to avoid the trap of being the "victim" in a relationship and whether this is even possible in a love triangle, when and how a right choice can turn into a wrong one and on the contrary, are there compromises that make us stronger and more and more….", says the author Vasilena. "Lubima" is not a black-and-white story, but a story of the nuances that make life and literature interesting.

Vasilena Kyosova is no stranger to high society in our country. The young businesswoman divides her time between Sofia and Dubai, where she has long conquered sophisticated circles. He shares the accumulated experience in his agency and website, where he helps thousands of women make their dreams come true. Her clients are mostly young girls who need to build a stronger and more confident version of themselves, to deal with fears and complexes in order to be able to develop their potential.


The plot of Vasilena Kyosova's first novel makes an emotional dissection of the "love triangle" - one of the most common figures in the modern geometry of relationships.

“At one point I felt a real need to start describing the stories they were telling me.It was like I wanted to get rid of them. In the beginning, I didn't even know exactly what I was writing as a genre, and I wasn't sure if I had the pen to match the richness and drama of the characters' lives. Gradually, they came to life on the pages, became more and more different from their real prototypes, and that's how I realized that I was actually writing a novel," says the writer. The book can be bought through her website: or through Instagram:

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