The Life of Bruce Lee - The Complete Biography of the Dragon

The Life of Bruce Lee - The Complete Biography of the Dragon
The Life of Bruce Lee - The Complete Biography of the Dragon

Revered as a demigod after his death, discriminated against in his lifetime, Bruce Lee had a short but more inspiring life than any role he played on screen. Myths and legends surround the patron saint of kung fu and his untimely demise, when he was only 32, and plunged millions into grief. Who really is Bruce Lee beyond the poetic tale of the Little Dragon, who turned the Eastern martial arts into a global phenomenon?

In 2023, it will be 50 years since the world parted with the legendary actor, and the questions surrounding him are finally debunked in "The Life of Bruce Lee" - his first full biography, which was published in our country on September 9 by the publishing house "Krug". Journalist and writer Matthew Pauley devoted ten years to the in-depth work and relied on hundreds of interviews with Li's family, friends and business associates.The publication contains unpublished photos, a complete filmography of the star and other additional materials. The Bulgarian translation is by Alexander Mirchev, and the cover design is by Milena Valnarova.

The Life of Bruce Lee” builds a complex, human portrait of the iconic Lee, diving deep into his childhood, career and legacy. His addiction to opium turns Bruce into a troubled teenager who is on the verge of prison. He exhibits many of the classic symptoms of a child with a drug-addicted parent: aggression, distrust of authority, and a painful need to keep things under control. He is described as a gang leader who protects the weak, but Little Dragon is also a rogue who confronts teachers and students and tests his fighting skills on them.

Expelled from high school, Li was eventually sent to America to rehabilitate. And in the land of opportunity, he went from martial arts teacher to personal instructor to movie stars such as James Coburn and Steve McQueen.But they are just a stop on the way to his main goal in life - to be the first and most expensively paid Eastern superstar in the USA. The new biography traces his struggles in making that dream come true. Disappointments included a number of auditions where the Dragon failed because of his background.

The final chapter of Bruce's life is a culmination of his spectacular efforts. His death at age 32, just before the release of his first English-language film, remains shrouded in mystery to this day. Author Matthew Polley provides a whole new perspective on the fighter's unexpected demise and a credible explanation for the subsequent investigation. In 2020, the biography was adapted into the film Be Water, which was nominated for Best Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival.

Bruce Lee's influence is not only in the field of martial arts. It brings together the culture of the Far East and the West and breaks the stereotype of Asian men. Before he passed away, there were less than 500 martial arts schools in the world, and due to its popularity in the late 1990s, over 20 million people were training in the US alone.Beyond the numbers, Li overturned the traditions of the field - he became the godfather of mixed martial arts and changed the way fight scenes were choreographed and filmed.

The Life of Bruce Lee. The Dragon Who Overcame Itself' is one of the newest biographical books in the catalog of the Circle publishing house. In recent months, it has been joined by "Zelensky's Biography", "The Exciting Story of Meghan and Harry", Pele's memoirs - "Love of Football", and other titles in the genre are expected by the end of the year.

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