Ginka Stancheva at 90 – there is no age for the actor, he is always hungry to play

Ginka Stancheva at 90 – there is no age for the actor, he is always hungry to play
Ginka Stancheva at 90 – there is no age for the actor, he is always hungry to play

On June 15, one of the most beautiful actresses from the big and small screen, the primate of the Youth Theater in its golden years - Гинка STANчева, will celebrate her 90th anniversary. On this occasion, this Sunday, June 12, at 19:30, Bulgaria ON AIR will broadcast the extremely funny and emotional episode "One (almost) filming day" from the documentary series "Умно село “.

The title is a reference to the film gem of the (almost) same name - "One shooting day" by director Borislav Sharaliev based on a script by Valeri Petrov, in which the characters of Apostol Karamitev and Ginka Stancheva are "voluntary victims of the film industry". In the episode of "Smart Village" with a great sense of humor, the now elderly and still beautiful actress stands in front of the camera again to shoot an advertisement.And with a lot of self-irony, she plays herself - once a queen of the stage and screen, today Cinderella in captivity of market conditions. And the one who played all the princesses and queens in the theater has a lot to tell.

At the end of the 1950s, Ginka Stancheva was also one of the biggest stars of Bulgarian cinema. The films "Lyubimets 13" and "Specialist in Everything" brought her national love, where she partnered with Apostol Karamitev. She is the first Bulgarian actress to walk the red carpet in Cannes, where Zahari Zhandov's film "Earth", in turn the first Bulgarian film shown at the festival, was wildly applauded by the world elite of the seventh art - Brigitte Bardot, Liz Taylor, Marina Vladi, Federico Fellini and Giulietta Mazzina.

After watching the film, the great French writer Andre Moreau admits to Ginka Stancheva that he will never forget the beautiful eyes of her heroine Tsveta. These and many more exciting memories will be shared by the actress between the takes of a not quite real, but still - shooting day.Because there is no age for the actor and he is always hungry to play - admits one of the biggest favorites of the Bulgarian public, still recognizable to this day with her timeless beauty and exquisite voice.

“People stopped me all the time for autographs and to express their love for me. My face wandered over the booths where the photos of my favorite actors hung. Excuse me, can I have a Ginka Stancheva for 16 cents and an Apostol Karamitev," the actress laughingly recalls her happiest years, holding the hand of her little grandson - a new film, a new love. Life always has a backup scenario.

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