What Bulgaria ON AIR viewers will see in "Criminal Syndrome" this weekend

What Bulgaria ON AIR viewers will see in "Criminal Syndrome" this weekend
What Bulgaria ON AIR viewers will see in "Criminal Syndrome" this weekend

After the intriguing first episode of Bulgaria's premiere Japanese series "Criminal Syndrome", which Bulgaria ON AIR viewers followed, now an even more fascinating weekend awaits with the second and third episodes, which will be broadcast on Saturday and Sunday (June 4 and 5) from 8:30 p.m. The action does not stop, and even grows into something much more - secrets, conspiracies and threats.

“I've really tried to kill people,” Muto reveals. Frightened by the dark emotions he hides, the detective quits his police job to no longer be involved in the investigation of his younger sister's murder. But then a mysterious man approaches to take advantage of Muto's addictive obsession with catching criminals and seeing justice prevail.Thus, imperceptibly and with almost no effort, Muto is dragged back to the scene of the investigation.

Enraged by the situation, Muto returns to solving the case of his younger sister's murder, turning to the Tamura family for answers, who give 5 million to save their daughter. The family refuses to cooperate with the detective, fearing that the killer will be provoked to harm Tamura's daughter again.

Meanwhile, the police department's investigation department surprisingly drops its investigation into the case. Kaburagi becomes suspicious and discovers something wrong with the actions of one of the police departments, but his efforts to learn more are thwarted by a high-ranking detective. Then he begins to secretly investigate what is going on and discovers some disturbing things.

You will find out where the investigation leads and what Muto and Kaburagi will discover in Bulgaria's premier series "Criminal Syndrome" at 8:30 p.m., this Saturday, on Bulgaria ON AIR.On Sunday, June 5, expect even more plot twists as some truths come to light.

You can follow the unfolding of the intriguing story online in the "Series" section of the Bulgaria ON AIR website. Each episode is available to watch the day after it airs on TV for 30 days.

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