Bulgaria ON AIR with a festive program on the occasion of May 24

Bulgaria ON AIR with a festive program on the occasion of May 24
Bulgaria ON AIR with a festive program on the occasion of May 24

On May 24th we celebrate the Day of the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius, of the Bulgarian alphabet, education and culture and of Slavic literature. On this occasion, on the holiday Bulgaria ON AIR will delight viewers with many intriguing meetings and discussions that promise to awaken in them many topics for reflection related to the real things that unite a people, with awakening, with national pride and the ability to appreciate the world around you.

As early as 07:00, the charismatic presenters of the morning block of the national polythematic television Mariya Konstantinova and Miroslav Dimitrov will welcome in the studio interesting and inspirational guests.On the festive day, "Bulgaria in the morning" will present the fourth expanded edition of the book "Bulgarians are the foundation of human civilization" and will reveal more about the "Bulgarian Cyrillic" initiative. The hosts of the morning block and the special guests in the show on May 24 will reveal more about "Slavic Bulgarian History" and comment on the modern norms of the Bulgarian language.

From 09:00, the national multi-thematic television will broadcast the special interview "Frankly speaking…Vasil Naydenov" of the reporter of "Novinite ON AIR" Petar Antonov with the great star of the Bulgarian variety show. In a sincere, unadulterated and very personal conversation, the artist will let viewers into his inner world and share more about music, life on and behind the stage, the power of words, politics and friends. A repeat of the conversation will be televised on May 29, at 10:00 p.m. h., right after the late news show.

More about the "Case of Cyril and Methodius" will be revealed in the episode of the program "Stories ON AIR" with presenter Miglena Georgieva, which will be broadcast by national television at 09:45.Viewers will get to know interesting facts about the existence and activities of the holy brothers, about the Slavic alphabet and about the canonization of the two first teachers. The curious edition of the show also seeks an answer to the questions of how many years Cyril and Methodius have been working on writing the Glagolitic alphabet and what its name means.

From 10:30 the holiday program of Bulgaria ON AIR will continue with the film "Nothing for Sale" from "Smart Village", in which the camera of the documentary series manages to capture the world of one of the most elegant contemporary Bulgarian storytellers - the writer Boyan Biolchev.

More about May 24 and the most important of the Day of the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius, the Bulgarian alphabet, education and culture and Slavic literature, the viewers of Bulgaria ON AIR will be able to follow in the programs of "News ON AIR".

In the column "5 minutes outside the news" the reporter Stiliyana Georgieva and the operator Iliyan Radanov will meet the viewers with Prof.Dimitar Sasselov, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Astronomy at Harvard University. He is currently the director of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and the new multidisciplinary center Origins of Life Initiative, which brings together scientists from various fields to study life in the context of the universe.

Prof. Ana Kocheva from the Institute of Bulgarian Language at BAS and linguist Assoc. Prof. Vladislav Milanov will comment on how big the literacy problem is in our country and whether language reform is necessary, starting at 5:50 p.m., in "Direct". In the new edition of the show with presenter Dimitar Abrashev, viewers of Bulgaria ON AIR will also learn more about the initiative "Donate a book to a Ukrainian child", which is being held under the patronage of the first lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska in Bulgaria.

At exactly 7:30 p.m., guests in the studio of the program "The Day ON AIR" with host Ganiela Angelova will be Prof. Todor Tanev, former Minister of Education, historian Prof. Hristo Matanov, director of the publishing house "Prosveta" Nikola Kitsevski and Academician Alexander Balkanski.

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