Children's festival of science, art and high technology

Children's festival of science, art and high technology
Children's festival of science, art and high technology

On May 24, the project will take place for the first time, in which science, art and high technologies will be united in one - studios for children between the ages of 5 and 14 in the building of Vivacom Art Hall and Eleven in Sofia - 4 "Gurko" Street. Entrance is free to everyone, and those who have previously registered on the iCreate page ( icreate) will receive a gift during the event.

The project is implemented with the financial support of the US Embassy and the First Children's Consultation Clinic. iCreate is web hosted by family video platform

iCreate is aimed at the children's audience and is thus conceived as a launch platform for talent recognition and targeting the interests of children from their earliest age.According to the idea and invitation of Xenium media and Art Academy for children Monev, moderators will be people who have taken the risk to work for the realization of their dreams as an inspiring example for children. These are scientists from the BAS, teachers from leading schools such as the Anglo-American School in Sofia, artists and entrepreneurs from funds for business start-up ideas. An important highlight of the program is the opportunity to meet and exchange good ideas between schools. The platform is open and accessible to all social groups, and in partnership with educational institutions, a process of exchange and communication will be stimulated between Bulgarian and foreign language schools, which will share their successful teaching models.

The workshops will be full-day and will be repeated from 10.30 to 15.30. More about the iCreate program can be seen at, and those wishing to receive a gift on the spot as a souvenir of the event should.

“Children need role models to identify with and follow as part of the process of building a personality.For this purpose, their interest must be unlocked by communicating with the real world," says Bogomil Iliev, co-founder of Xenium Media and co-organizer of the forum.

"We will try to create a platform accessible to all social groups, through which they can be socialized and directed for their skills, interests and talents, adds Desislava Moneva (Monev Gallery -

The organizers invite all parents and their children to see the diverse program of workshops, in which anyone who wishes will be able to get involved and touch unknown or familiar and beloved worlds.

Can kids fly drones? What is space food? How is a fruit battery made? Can the 3D printer replace sculptors? How does a computer replace an entire orchestra? We have prepared these and many other interesting topics for all curious little, big and even older kids.

And since it is important for parents to spend time with their children, the organizers promise that the workshops will be interesting for both young and old and will allow them to create together.

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