The fortitude of a teacher

The fortitude of a teacher
The fortitude of a teacher

Inspiring story of learning, love and the mark we leave. A story that makes us ask: What is really important in this life?

Priority List” by David Menashe is one of those books that teach us many valuable lessons without teaching us how to we live our lives. The story of its author is so inspiring and powerful that without pretense about it, it guides us along the way. What is written in the book is very reminiscent of another unforgettable story, which was highly appreciated by Bulgarian readers and became a phenomenon - that of "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch.


The Priority List has all the qualities to succeed The Last Lecture, not only artistically, but also purely humanly. World practice proved it, turning the title into a sensation, and the incredible life story of David Menashe touched the hearts of thousands of readers.

What makes this story so special and how did it manage to touch so many people? The answer to this question lies in the strength of a teacher's spirit, a strength that manages to overcome the weakness of his body.

And today, when the subject of teaching is so current and discussed in the media, and a leading television made a column in one of its most watched shows to find the "coolest" teacher in Bulgaria, we will introduce you to him - David Menashe, for whom the duty to the students and faith in the vocation proved to be more important than life.

David is a literature teacher at one of the best high schools in Miami. Since childhood, he has been passionate about punk, skateboarding and literature.He never said that he became a teacher by accident, on the contrary, he believes that he "grew" to this level. For 15 years, David taught English at Coral Reef Senior High School in Miami. In 2012, he was named Teacher of the Year in the district. A beloved teacher to hundreds of students, David considers himself very lucky to not only have found his calling in life, but to have helped many find theirs.


Following his calling, he builds a special relationship with his students, imparts his love of books and helps them find their place under the sun.

After a six-year battle with a brain tumor that robbed him of his sight, memory and mobility, David was forced to quit work. He doesn't want to abandon his students and comes up with a bold plan. He decides to stop his treatment and, like his favorite character from Jack Kerouac's book, hit the road.He posts an ad on Facebook that he will cross America in hopes of meeting his students one last time. His desire is to know how they are doing and if he has had any influence in their lives. Within 48 hours, his former students from 50 cities responded to his request.

David travels thousands of kilometers from Miami to New York, crosses the central part of the United States and reaches San Francisco. He meets with hundreds of his students to understand that we are all part of the great school of life. And to be sure: one true person can change the fate of many.

You will get the most out of life if you dedicate it to something that will outlive you.

William James, Philosopher

Reviews of The Priority List

In the abstract, we all know that life is short and precious. Or at least we think we know. But for David Menashe-a passionate young teacher who learned at the age of 34 that he had a brain tumor-this idea is not at all abstract.Filled with a sincere reverence for life, he embarks on a heroic journey across the country with the intention of visiting all his former students and talking to them (as well as listening to them) about life's true priorities.

Elizabeth Gilbert, bestselling author of Eat, Pray and Love

Many people can write about what they would do if they knew they had very little time left to live, but not many would do it as thoroughly and honestly as David Menashe in The Priority List. The life lessons of this former punk turned English teacher inspire everyone who touches them.

Jim Lindbergh, member of the rock band Pennywise

When cancer tells David Menashe that his days as a teacher are over, David tells him: With all due respect, you don't know me at all. David makes a brave and heartfelt attempt to bring life's lessons beyond the confines of the classroom, and his determination is both inspiring and enlightening.

Ron Clark, American teacher and author of the bestsellers "55 Golden Rules" and "End Boredom in Class"

David's journey teaches us valuable lessons about the importance of human closeness and reveals how even the smallest gestures can turn into unforgettable memories. The Priority List is a bold and poignant book that reminds us at the deepest level of what it means to be human.

Jerry DeWitt, author of Hope After Faith At Book Market March 6, 2015

Volume: 272 pages

Publisher: "Hermes"

ISBN 978-954-26-1435-7

Cover price: BGN 12.95

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