6 things not to say at work

6 things not to say at work
6 things not to say at work

Rude language at work is unacceptable. Every sane employee and working person is aware that he cannot simply allow himself sexual assaults, racist comments, unceremonious discussion of company policy. He must be crazy to risk his job like this.

But there are also other unacceptable statements that are not at all good to make at work, in front of your boss or in front of colleagues. They can earn you a bad name, distrust, criticism and even dismissal.

Be careful and see what is wrong to say at work.

Everything you wouldn't want to read written

Speak as if what you are about to say can be read somewhere.Imagine that absolutely everyone is listening to you. Nowadays, it is not difficult to imagine it in the age of the Internet and free communications. If what you intend to say is not suitable for publication in official mail, for example, keep it quiet or say it in a much more subtle way.

“This is boring”

Meetings are very often really boring, fact. We all know it, but we have to be careful where and to whom we say it. Don't even mention it to the colleague sitting next to you. You can't be sure if your words won't reach your boss, who will interpret it as a lack of motivation on your part. You'll probably leave the impression that you wish you were somewhere else doing much more interesting things. Even if that's the case, don't say anything in the world that would leave those impressions.

“You look good”

Unless you are very good friends with the colleague you are telling, you better not do it.Hints about appearance or weight can be interpreted in a completely different way that will bring you trouble. It doesn't matter if what you say is positive or not. Don't walk on that thin ice.

Too many details about your weekend in front of the boss or colleagues

Sharing too much information from your personal life is not a good idea in most cases. Besides being used against you at a convenient moment, going into detail about how you fished on the weekend, which peak you climbed with friends, or where you took the kids to the smallest details will come off as annoying intrusion. If your boss asks how your weekend was, answer in 2-3 words and be sure to politely ask the same. That's enough.

“It's not my fault”

Inability to take responsibility is not a value managers value in employees. If you also name another colleague who you think is at fault, you will make an even worse impression.

“This is a stupid idea”

It doesn't matter if you say it to a colleague, to your boss, or even worse, to a client in front of your boss. Open rude criticism is unacceptable and brings only negativity.

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