A clever trick that helps to increase the salary

A clever trick that helps to increase the salary
A clever trick that helps to increase the salary

The work environment is stressful in most cases. Employees are rarely completely satisfied with their salary. It is still not enough, and when there is no promotion despite the achieved results, the situation is even more demotivating.

Asking your boss for a raise is very difficult. Most people are horrified by this step and prefer to wait for someone to notice their successes, resulting in a pay rise.

Yes, in a better and fairer world, things would probably be like this. Well, not all employers are demons who drink up the energy and potential of their employees for nothing.

Often, when we finally decide to ask for a raise, a series of comical situations occur where we feel even more uncomfortable than before we did anything.

Actually, jokes and comic situations are the best and most profitable way to get a raise.

This is shown by the data of a study conducted in 2008, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

According to Professor Todd J. Thorsteinsson of the University of Idaho, who led the study, this tactic is the best to achieve a rise in labor compensation.

In the research, a series of conversations were conducted with a group of participants, some of whom asked "jokingly" for a salary increase.

Scientists found that it was this group of pranksters who got promoted, unlike the others who took a strict and serious approach, as well as those who silently waited for their boss to notice their successes and raise their salary.

The next time you're on the fence about asking for a raise, drop something funny to your boss about a pay raise. You don't lose anything, but you might just win.

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