Everyday mistakes we make at work

Everyday mistakes we make at work
Everyday mistakes we make at work

For those who are aiming for a good career it is important to work around the clock, no holidays, no annual leave, etc. This is their working model, which is not always successful.

Yes, successful people work hard, constantly improve their skills. But there are a few basic mistakes others make that successful people avoid.

See what are the most common everyday mistakes in the workplace.

You are late for work

Even if your boss allows you to adjust your schedule, it's a good idea to aim to arrive at work on time or a few minutes early. According to a recent study, bosses tend to be biased toward those employees who come to work on time or early, regardless of whether latecomers work after hours.

The first thing you do is reply to work emails

For most office workers, this is the first step after making a cup of aromatic coffee. As counterintuitive as it sounds, this move can be a drag on your productivity, or so experts say.

According to them, answering emails within the first few minutes of arriving at the office puts you in immediate stress mode. This may cause you to be unable to focus on your other daily duties.


Experts advise to wait about an hour and then proceed to emails. And start the working day with an important task that requires increased attention.

Doing multiple things at the same time

How many of you eat lunch in front of your computer? Surely many of you find yourself in a situation where you eat while working on a computer and at the same time have business calls on the phone. This is wrong.

You need to focus on a currently challenging task and complete it properly. Our brains can jump from one task to another, but when full concentration and motivation is required it's nice to do one thing.

can process separate streams of information at once, but the results will not be satisfactory.

Don't keep a work diary

Not only teenagers have diaries. It is also a good idea to have a diary in which you can write down upcoming and completed tasks. What went well, which tasks need extra work, etc.

Recording and sharing the experiences of the day can greatly relieve stress from you and even be a motivator for new ideas. Don't forget to note the small daily successes that you and your team achieve.

You miss your lunch break

Everyone needs a few minutes of rest and stress relief. You can do this by walking, having lunch in nice company, going to yoga, gym, etc.

This is an opportunity to get closer to colleagues, to get new and even better ideas. So don't miss the lunch breaks, they are invented for a purpose.

You don't keep good looks

Poor hygiene and an unwelcoming appearance not only do not boost your self-esteem, but can also ruin many business meetings. Therefore, pay attention to your outfit every day and to the most important accessory that you should not leave behind at work - your smile.

And last but not least, to increase your productivity it is good to have a hobby or activity that has nothing to do with your work, even if it is a few hours in the gym.

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