What makes the worst impression at a job interview?

What makes the worst impression at a job interview?
What makes the worst impression at a job interview?

is a delicate and worrisome moment where a job applicant must present themselves in the best possible light in order to be hired. Worrying, however, can seriously mess things up. But that's not the worst that can happen to you.

There are some things you should never do during an interview! Otherwise, you will make an extremely bad impression! What not to do?

Be rude

If you act arrogant and display rude behavior, you can't expect to make a good impression! Even if you are sharper by nature, this does not give you the right to misbehave with the interviewer. You need to get over your ego and do your best to be nicer.

Don't slander your old boss

If you answer the question: "Why are you leaving your old job?" with: "Because my boss is an idiot!", do not expect a positive attitude towards your application. You won't inspire confidence in anyone if you openly display dislike for your former superiors. The same will be expected of the position you are applying for, so you are unlikely to be selected for such behavior.

You are answering your mobile

No need to explain exactly how rude and disrespectful this action is. Conversations can wait at least a few more minutes!

To swear and curse

Don't let loose or use profanity, even in jest. This casual approach will suggest to the employer that your approach to work is likely to be just as casual. However, in an official environment, polite and responsible behavior must be demonstrated.

To be too quiet or too talkative

A job interview is your time to shine. This is the moment when you need to activate all your positive traits, be able to hold your own and highlight your good qualities. Therefore, you should not be extremely sparing in your words, but you should also not appear too boastful. If you have to rehearse at home before the interview.

Don't ask about holidays and bonuses

This is probably the most hated question for every boss! Are you looking for work or vacation time? Everyone cares about vacation, that's clear, but at least don't bring it up in the interview. Makes an extremely bad impression.

You know nothing about the company

This is a real insult. Who would prefer your application if you know nothing about the company. Then you wouldn't be able to answer the frequently asked question: "Why do you want to work for us?".Before meeting the employer, read at least a little about the company. It is always better to be informed about the position.

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