3 job interview questions to be prepared for

3 job interview questions to be prepared for
3 job interview questions to be prepared for

The words you use to introduce yourself at a job interview are critical to whether or not you get hired. To provoke and test your thinking, interviewers will ask you a series of questions to gauge your reactions and ability to present personality traits.

What are the most frequently asked provocative job interview questions and how best to answer them?

Why should we hire you?

This is not the time to respond with self-praise just because you think you're great. A few wrong sentences along these lines can cut your path to this company.

The best thing you can do is highlight your achievements that you contributed to the development of the previous company or firm you worked for. Work with numbers, back up what you say with factual evidence.

Also highlight your personal qualities, for example "I can motivate the team", "I inspire with…", "after I make a mistake I admit it and plan the steps to correct it in a certain way".

It is important for the interviewer to tap into your mindset as an individual and as part of a team. This will earn you positive points.

Why are you the best choice for this position?

This is the time to emphasize all the positives in your resume. Emphasize your achievements, your ability to deal with crisis situations, your successes and your motivation.

In advance familiarize yourself with details about the company, characteristics of the position you are applying for and your skills and knowledge that will best develop your role at the company.

This way, the interviewer will leave the meeting with you ready to make a specific offer, which is your goal in the end.

Why do you want to work for us?

A very provocative question that you should never answer with: "Because I'm undervalued in my previous job, my salary is not enough, I haven't been promoted in several years, and my colleagues are quite incompetent!"

This is the most wrong and unacceptable answer from an employer. Avoid it, even if it is the very truth.

This is the place to highlight your awareness of the company you are applying to. Read a little more about the expansion of the markets it is targeting. Mentally sort out your role in this future process and present it to the interviewers. You will inevitably make a good impression with your proactive thinking.

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