What to ask when going to a job interview

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What to ask when going to a job interview
What to ask when going to a job interview

What is the work culture?

This means whether the organization makes efforts to socialize the staff, to unite them in a collective.

Teambuilding, brainstorming and other collective activities that bring colleagues closer together and promote company growth. Also, you can ask if the company offers various training courses - language, management, successful communication course and others.

If there is something you do not understand about the position itself, be sure to ask.

Always ask to see your corner where you will be working, as well as your future colleagues.

If after the first part of the interview they told you they will be looking for you again, ask how the second part will go. Will there not be any tests, games or you have to prepare a project to present yourself in addition to the additional questions.

Always be calm (as much as possible), appropriately dressed and smiling. Keep a good tone and always bring your past projects with you (unless you've sent them in advance). Good luck!

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