Dress mistakes that can cost you the job right at the interview

Dress mistakes that can cost you the job right at the interview
Dress mistakes that can cost you the job right at the interview

The choice of clothes speaks about the personality. The way we dress suggests our attitude to the given situation, especially when it comes to formal events.

One such event is the job interview. Inappropriate and inadequate clothing can both earn us a black mark and slam the door under our noses.

With our clothing, we express our attitude towards the situation we are in and the people involved in it. We also express part of our character through the way we dress.

What are the biggest clothing mistakes not to make at a new job interview?

Your appearance does not fit the company culture

If you are well prepared in advance, you will not fall into such an awkward situation. So always research as much as possible about the company you are applying to. If she suggests formal attire, try to look professional and neat. If you are applying in a field far from corporate, sporty-chic clothing would be far more appropriate.

Too high heels

In their quest to look super professional and strictly formal, some women climb into heels that are too high for them to handle. It is better to avoid such challenges because you will not make a good impression if you walk like a balancer who is just learning to balance.

Your outfit is from 10 years ago

You have one suit and one jacket that you bought for your best friend's wedding or when you started your previous job. You have decided to use them for your new interview. So what? You won't waste money!

This mindset could cost you your job. Why? Because you won't make a good impression if you're inappropriately dressed.

You are overdoing the colors

If you don't like to trust black and white and prefer more cheerful colors, there's nothing wrong with that. Wear something colorful to a job interview, just make sure the colors aren't too flashy, overbearing, and most of all mismatched.

Too much bare flesh

This is unacceptable in most fields one could apply to. Avoid too short skirts, exposed necklines, tank tops, exposed waists.

Screaming Print

Leopard, zebra, tiger, unspecified patterns with rich iridescent colors are among the no-gos at an interview. They are inappropriate, give a bad impression and can make you look tacky. You don't want to close your door from the start, do you?

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