Sure signs you won't get a promotion

Sure signs you won't get a promotion
Sure signs you won't get a promotion

They say that people are divided into two types. The first ones work from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and the others 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Which one are you from? If you're one of those people who puts effort and heart into your profession every day, you're definitely looking to get a promotion as well.

Requesting a promotion from the boss is a delicate moment, because a promotion in the hierarchy also means an increase in salary. However, if you often achieve good results, have creative ideas and a desire to develop in this company, it is time to discuss with your boss your future professional realization.

Will you get a promotion? Here are a few sure signs that a promotion is far from you. Still, don't forget that in another company or with another manager, the desired realization can be a fact.

Your boss keeps avoiding the topic

After you have already had a conversation with your boss about the long-awaited promotion, it is quite normal to raise the topic again if the results in the desired direction are slow. At these times, you may find out a lot about the correctness of your supervisor.


If you try to meet with him, but he keeps postponing meetings with stupid excuses, tries to escape from your sight in the corridors of the office so as not to be met with uncomfortable questions for him, you feel discomfort from him country, when you bring up the topic of promotions, be sure that there will be no positive changes in your career development soon.

The boss is always cheesy

You are probably familiar with the situation where, after much negotiation, you finally manage to arrange a meeting with your boss to discuss your promotion.But eventually, instead of giving you a clear position on the matter, he starts rambling and the most common excuse is "I need to talk to the CEO of the company to see how things will go" or "I'm still waiting for the budgets for the coming months, and based on that we will determine if we can promote you."

If the meeting with your boss is short and you hear something like this, don't wait for a promotion!

The boss changes his attitude towards you

One sure sign that you won't be promoted soon is a change in your boss's attitude towards you. If he shows less and less interest, doesn't send you to trainings, doesn't encourage you in your endeavors, avoids dating, surely it has to do with your desire and maybe the empty promise made by him that you will bepromoted.

It excludes you from critical meetings and communications

If you have always been a part of teamwork, closed discussions, operatives, but suddenly the emails about these meetings stop coming to you, surely your boss is avoiding you.

If you feel this attitude, it is important to look for the reason why you are not part of these discussions. If there is no technical or communication problem, rest assured that your boss is ignoring you for some reason and the promotion is far from you.

Someone else is starting work on your projects

When did you submit the last project to your boss? Are you already working on its implementation or has the task been given to another colleague who has no relation to your idea? Well, these nasty surprises are always unexpected and always mean one thing – you won't get a promotion.

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