Forbidden phrases during a job interview

Forbidden phrases during a job interview
Forbidden phrases during a job interview

Nice job, more opportunities for development, better social benefits… Everyone wants to get a high salary and develop a successful career. But sometimes our plans don't come true and we have to look for a new professional realization.

Job interviews are always stressful for candidates. And if in some cases valuable personnel are not hired due to a management error, then in others, we can ruin our chance by saying some ot forbidden phrases during a job interview.

I'm sorry I'm late

Definitely not a good way to start your job interview. Also, if you're late, you risk the interviewing department not being able to accept you.

Accuracy is crucial, it speaks of motivation and self-discipline. Excuses like "I missed the bus", "my car broke down", "there was a big traffic jam" will not change the fact that you are late. If you are still prevented, it is good to call and postpone the interview for another day or time, if possible.

I have to call, it's very important

When you go to a job interview, forget about personal conversations, text messages, social networks. Otherwise, you will give the impression that you are inconsiderate and that your conversations are more important than winning this new development opportunity.

I don't know

The golden rule of a job interview - never say you don't know something. Instead, say that you can't remember right now, or that you'll do some research and study and find out. Actually, any answer would be better than "I don't know".

“Weaknesses? I don't have any."

No one is perfect. We all have weaknesses, and skimping on yours won't increase your chances of getting a new job. Before going to a job interview, think about what your weaknesses are. For example, if the job you're applying for involves deadlines, don't say you don't do well under pressure.

Instead, share about a weakness of yours that is not critical to the job you are applying for. But if you get the desired position, you will have to make an effort to smooth out those little imperfections of yours. It's not impossible.

My weakness is that I work too much / I'm a perfectionist

Answers like "I work hard", "I bring my work home", "I'm a perfectionist" are absolute clichés that will not impress your interviewers. To stand outof the remaining candidates, submit an original answer to impress.

My previous boss was terrible, and the coworkers…

In a job interview, expect to be asked about your previous work, management and co-workers. No matter how much you hate your former boss or co-workers, your bad comments about them will be considered unprofessional.

Instead, explain that your views did not match those of the previous employer, that you had different ideas, goals, inability to develop, etc.

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