The grossest and most common mistakes in a job interview

The grossest and most common mistakes in a job interview
The grossest and most common mistakes in a job interview

In a job interview, one can make many mistakes out of anxiety. Nervousness is not your first friend when you have an interview coming up, but it is a human condition that can hardly be avoided.

So it is best to know in advance what not to do so as not to reduce your chances of being approved at the interview.

Don't carry a cup of coffee in your hands

When we go to an interview, we usually pretend not to make a bad impression. What should we do while we wait but grab a quick coffee. If you're a smoker, you'll probably smoke a cigarette or two.


The smell of coffee and cigarettes is the worst thing that can waft from you at. If you carry your coffee in your hand and even leave it on the table you will lose more points.

The unprofessional speaking

No matter how comfortable you are in the interviewer's presence, you should not relax too much and talk as if he is your best friend who you are talking to as if you were sitting over coffee.

Show some class. Don't use too many colloquial expressions and gestures. Your professional appearance is very important and at the same time it is important not to look too dry.

You worry too much, even ashamed

No matter how worried you are on the inside, it shouldn't show as much on the outside. People who are too shy never make a good impression and the chances of you getting hired are very slim.

The opposite behavior - overly cocky and self-confident swagger is also not a good option. Find the golden mean.

Bad clothing

Bad clothing always makes a bad impression. If you're having a hard time choosing what to wear, try to at least dress neutrally. Do not add aggressive accents in the outfit, so as not to make a mistake. Ask a friend for advice if needed. It's best to stick to classic clothing if you're afraid of getting it wrong.

Turn off your phone

The most unpleasant thing for the interviewer is the phone call from the job candidate. This shows disrespect and a frivolous approach to the application. Even if you are sure that no one will call you at this moment, turn off your phone.


The worst mistake is picking up the phone or going to write a message when you can't talk right now. If you do this, the probability of saying goodbye to the workplace is huge.

Pen click

Another unconscious nervous gesture - clicking, clicking or tapping the pen on the table. Don't do it. Force yourself in advance not to do it so you don't.

Take off shoes

It may sound unbelievable, but some people do it - they take off their shoes under the desk while answering questions or talking about themselves. Not only is there a risk of a bad smell wafting around the room, but someone might see you.

If any other representative of the company suddenly enters the room, it would be good to stand up and greet him properly. How will you do it with bare feet nervously groping the floor for your shoes?

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