15 ways to practice self-care

15 ways to practice self-care
15 ways to practice self-care

Every human being should know himself, take care of himself and do it as he does for his loved ones. We often forget about our "I". What we see every day in the mirror, who smiles or suffers, who achieves success or faces difficulties.

Our "I" needs to feel valued, cared for, most of all by ourselves. When was the last time you did something nice for yourself?

Check out 15 ways to practice self-care every day.

1. Say "thank you" when someone compliments you instead of telling them that their kind words are undeserved.

2. Start your day with a morning stretch. You can also do it while waking up in bed.

3. Make one he althy change each week. For example, add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your menu, drink enough water, gradually eliminate unhe althy foods from your menu, take the stairs instead of using the elevator, start exercising.

4. When the weather permits, take walks in beautiful areas, parks.

5. Dance to your favorite song. Do it like nobody's watching.

6. Eliminate stress with breathing exercises.

7. Every day or every week, write down on a piece of paper 10 things you are grateful for, big or small.

8. Treat yourself where you normally exert self-control. Like eating your favorite dessert, buying something small and nice, being lazy. A little indulgence now and then can be refreshing.

10. Clean out the closet, the closet, a certain part of your home that you've known for a long time that needs an inventory. You clear the space, clear the mind and the energy around you.

11. Focus on how you address yourself. Listen to what you say to yourself, follow the thoughts that pass through you about yourself. Would you talk/think this way about someone you love? If not, change it!

12. Create a fun weekly tradition with your loved ones or friends.

13. On social networks, don't follow people you don't know well, don't care about, and don't inspire you in some way.

14. Make a list of the nice things you've heard about you in the last few days. It will make you feel good.

15. Say “I love you” more often.

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